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Mai Asks Barrow To Declare State Of Emergency

By Omar Bah Former special adviser to President Adama Barrow has called on the Gambian leader to declare a state of emergency because without it, government cannot and should not limit movement with an imposition of a curfew. “Mandatory restriction of movement is ideal but unconstitutional without proper legal foundation. A state of emergency will [...]

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47 Covid-19 Test Results Pending

By Omar Bah The Ministry of Health has said that some 47 test results are pending in the current national efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus.The director of health promotion Modou Njai, who made this disclose, added: “Tentatively the country still has three confirmed Covid-19 cases and one probable case at the moment. [...]

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Melville Roberts Charged With Rape

By Alagie Manneh A former Ministry of Foreign Affairs director of America Division, Melville Roberts, who has been accused by many women of rape and other sexual offences, has been charged by police, credible sources told The Standard yesterday. Melville, who returned to the country last month is said to have been charged with rape, [...]

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Gambian Students In Wuhan Speak

By Lamin Cham Gambian students in Wuhan, Hubei province in China, the origin of the coronavirus, have called on the Gambian authorities to learn from the practical steps taken by China to control the virus. Ebrima Sarr, a UTG staff on a Master’s programme in China who along with his compatriots have been in isolation [...]

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NAM Urges Gov’t To Act On Shooting Of Gambian By Senegalese Security

By Mafugi Ceesay The National Assembly Member for Kantora has complained that the Minister of Defense and other authorities have ignored his letter requesting for action to rescue one of his constituents shot by Senegalese security officers in the village of Pecadousu in Kantora.The victim, Sulayman Trawalleh was reportedly shot by Senegalese security who chased [...]

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Bundung Marakass Mosque Still Operational

By Amadou Jadama The Bundung Marakass mosque, where the Gambia’s second and only dead coronavirus patient was based, is still in operation despite reports that it was closed and barricaded. Although the authorities have said the Mosque and its environs have been fumigated, there is a general feeling that the place should be shut down [...]

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