President Barrow Urges Trade Ministry To Dialogue With Bakers

Director of Press By MUHAMMED S. BAH President Barrow has told the Ministry of Trade to engage in dialogue with Bakers in order to solve the long standing bread saga. At the first 2019 Press conference convened by Amie Bojang Sissoho Director of Press and Public Relation, Office of the President, she told Journalist [...]

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Sand at ‘Bolonyo Fenyo’ Reserve Wetland Threatened by Mining

With Madiba Singhateh Welcome to another edition of the Environment Column. In Today’s column, we will look into the issue of sand mining and its toll on the environment and the country’s beaches. Among the latest incidents of sand mining is the one taking place at the Gunjur wetland, which is similar to the [...]

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Bush Fire Ravages Foni Bondali Forest

Foni Bondali forest By Madiba Singhateh  Welcome to another edition of the Environment Column. In this weeks’ edition of the Column, we will look into aftermath of the recent bush fires that ravaged the Foni Bondali forest. We will also look at the re-occurrence of the incident in other forest parks within the country.  [...]

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PS Fisheries Expresses Concern over Illegal Fishing Activities

 Tanji Fish Landing Site By: Makutu Manneh The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Fisheries has on Thursday said most of the local fishermen and trawlers operating in Gambian waters are engaged in illegal fishing activities. Dr Bamba A.M Banja on Thursday saidy: “This is a global problem; Gambia is not the only country [...]

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URR Farmers Worried About Disease Outbreak On Their Farm Animals

By: Lamin fatty Farmers in URR are worried about a disease outbreak on their farm animals in particular equines (donkeys and horses), which is their main source of power during cultivation on their farms. The animals are also their means of transportation. Farmers in the area explained that this is not the first time [...]

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National Climate Change Secretariat, Technical Committees Launched

Lamin B. Dibba, Minister for the Environment By Nelson Manneh The National Climate Change Secretariat, National Climate Change Council and the Technical Committee Policy on the Climate was yesterday April 17th 2019, launched at a local hotel in Bijilo. The policy is aimed at mainstreaming climate change into all development sectors and to improve [...]

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