The biggest GSM company in The Gambia, Africell, last week made a whopping D12 million donation to the country’s efforts to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic. This is the single biggest individual donation by any private or public entity apart from the state.

Appreciably, the money will be spent on front-line workers namely doctors, nurses, technical and admin staff, drivers, janitors and others working at all of the nation’s six public hospitals from Banjul to Bansang as well as the Covid-19 Sanatorium. The three-month scheme will put additional D2,000 and D1,000 respectively in the pockets of doctors, nurses and others.

This is a hugely symbolic and substantive gesture which deserves the loudest cheer from all Gambians and residents. With the expectant business downturn resulting from the economic malaise that Covid-19 is wreaking on the country, it is indeed brave and audacious for Africell to give away D12 million dalasis.

But in all sincerity, despite all the occasional hullabaloo that is attendant of its success, Africell has never been found wanting when it comes to giving a helping hand to distressed Gambians in times of strife and penury. It has always taken its corporate social responsibility very seriously.

As Africell’s able managing director stated at the presentation: ““For Africell, contributing to the campaign against Covid-19 is a duty, not an option. We are stronger together. Africell is committed to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the government and the people of The Gambia as we take on this challenge. Our donation to The Gambia’s heroic front-line health workers is a token of our admiration and gratitude to front-line health workers for the risks they take and the hard work they put into keeping the rest of us safe.”

It will be to their credit for other companies who have the wherewithal to emulate Africell and give out handsomely. Your country needs you!

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