By Joshua Silverwood

Acouple from Shanklin in the Isle of Wight, England,have fed an entire village in The Gambia with huge shipments of essential food to keep them safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Derick Hill and Lisa Hill-Whyte, of Shanklin, established a school in the Gambian village of Kafuta Tumbung back in 2013, and have been raising funds for it ever since.
When Covid-19 began, Derick and Lisa organised the delivery of trucks full of essential food and supplies to keep as many as 60 families going through the crisis.
The couple raised money for the supplies by appealing to their supporters and customers of their Shanklin businesses.

Derick said: “It’s humbling to see that people are still prepared to think of others even when they are going through difficult times.”
Lisa said: “We are very proud to have helped our Gambian ‘family’, as we know how much this means to each of them. As they would say to everyone — amit a kati[thank you in Jola].”
Countypress, UK

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