Dear editor,

I am absolutely disappointed with Dou Sanno, an adviser to President Adama Barrow who should have been busy guiding the president through the current pandemic of Covid-19 instead of expressing grudges he feels may exist between Hon. Mamma Kandeh and President Adama Barrow.

It is unfortunate that such people can be terribly unserious in a time when all resources of the country need to be directed towards the fight against Covid-19. Unfortunately, if this is the kind of concern the president receives from advisers like Dou Sanno during such critical times I wonder where we are heading to with the fight against Covid-19.

Dou Sanno must know that Mamma Kandeh cannot hold grudges for winning elections in Jimara, Mamma Kandeh won parliamentary elections himself in Jimara against President Barrow, and the GDC won all Jimara elections in 2016 and 2017; be presidential, parliamentary and councilors as well. Therefore, if there is any grudge as a result of this must come from the losers while the GDC remain to be in a fancy jubilant mode.

It is disheartening that a presidential adviser can hold National Assembly Members against what they say in regards to their political view, we will appreciate what ever Dou Sanno says to the GDC, but at least Dou must respect that National Assembly Members are at liberty to represent their constituents in any way they feel meets the needs of their constituents.

It is a shame that Dou Sanno is mad with the fact that the GDC’s NAMs have been vocal in their responsibilities to hold government accountable especially in the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a shame that the best utterances to have come from presidential adviser Dou Sanno was to call Hon. Mamma Kandeh immature which we do not hold against him as we know that’s the best of his vocabulary. It is not the GDC’s responsibility to tell people about Barrow’s contributions, it is your work to let people know if there is any, unless there is non or you are not doing your work.

We understand your frustrations, in a properly administered Gambia NPP would have been in the lead serving the people, providing jobs, lead the fight against Covid-19 while the oppositions keep reminding people of your government’s promises and hold you accountable. Unfortunately, in the Gambia we have a party like the GDC that is serving the people and leading in the fight against Covid-19 while the ruling NPP and its advisers especially Dou Sanno are busy talking about grudges.

Since the president declared a state of emergency the GDC have been all out supporting people with water, utensils, food and disinfectants just to name a few.Unfortunately, Dou Sanno believes informing the president about grudges Mamma Kandeh may have is the way forward. Let Dou Sanno be reminded that not a single soul from the executive of the GDC has time for such low level and childish political maneuver.

The GDC has been preoccupied with the welfare of Gambians and as a party under the leadership of Hon. Mamma Kandeh we are so busy with supporting Gambians around the country in the fight against Covid-19 because we care.


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