The president of the Sheikh Malaine Foundation has said that a bounty on Musa Saidy reported in the media was not a collective action from the general Sheriff Community but from an individual.

Musa Saidy sparked a huge row when he released a WhatsApp audio attacking Sheriffs.
Speaking to The Standard, Amfaal Hydara, who was also the head of a committee set up to amicably discuss Musa’s attack, clarified that the supposed bounty wasn’t from them.
“It was just an individual; a disciple of the Sheriffs who, like many others, felt offended and angry about Musa’s attack. And because of that anger, he pledged such amount for anyone who could kill him but it is important for people to understand that this is not from us. In fact, the individual has since been spoken to about it and has been advised on the issue,” Amfaal Hydara said.

He said when this audio started making rounds online, a committee comprising himself, Alhaiba Hydara, Mafu Hydara, Faalo Hydara and Abdou Majid Hydara, was set up and had discussions with the Police and the deputy governor Musa Suso about the issue.
“All the Sheriffs and their followers have been informed that the issue has been solved in peace and Musa has been forgiven. We are descendants of the most forgiving human being, that is Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, and the same virtue is in all of us. We felt it was important to clarify this to the public,” he said.

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