The national sport council the regulatory body of all sports in The Gambia has issued statement seriously warning any body, group or institution which continues violate the freeze on all spot activities in the country as ordered by the government in the fight to stop Covid-19. The strongly worded statement reproduced below came after the NSC said it has information that some people continue to conduct secret indoor or low key sports events.

Press release
The National Sports Council has learnt with utmost dismay that some sports facilities are operating in close doors.This undesirable act contravenes the state of emergencypronounced by His Excellency the President of the Republic of The Gambia few weeks ago.

The National Sports Council therefore,warns gym owners,custodians of mini stadia and any other sports facility to with immediate effect, cease operations for the wellbeing of the people of The Gambia.

Stringent measures will be leveled against those unscrupulous individuals or group of people who are under the direct supervision of the National Sports Council and are found defying the rules emanating from the highest authority in The Gambia with regard to the fight against the COVID-19.

While we enjoin all our distinguished and dedicated stakeholders in combatting this deadly disease, the National Sports Council seeks the continuous support and cooperation of all and sundry during these trying moments.
Stay home, wash your hands regularly with either running water or with detergents and keep fit by doing exercise at home.
Mahmoud Lamin Jawla
For: Executive Director

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